Event: Radicalising your Lifecycle’s full potential with PLM


The Radicalising your Lifecycle’s full potential with PLM’ was hosted by University of Huddersfield and ITC Infotech as part of Inspired Huddersfield 2016. Thirty participants participated from the University and businesses in the region including Bonmarche, Camira Fabrics, and Shackletons Ltd.

This session was intended for participants considering a product lifecycle management (PLM) investment or those companies simply wanting to know more about PLM opportunities for the sector. PLM cloud based solutions are now available to all sizes of businesses involved in a global supply chain.

Such solutions are helping businesses improve time to market, reduce costs, improve quality and ensure compliance. Beyond these well-reported best practice adoption benefits and efficiency gains they also provide a platform to seek further creative opportunities enabled by emerging technologies related to the internet of things (IoT), Big Data and virtual reality.

This product lifecycle management (PLM) project was collaborative venture funded (CVF) and was initiated and lead by Jo Conlon. The project aimed to develop robust business network opportunities within fashion, textiles & interiors for integrating PLM knowledge transfer and to provide a deeper understanding of the strategic benefits, solutions, and capabilities of product lifecycle management.

Jo Conlon, Andrew Taylor & Vera Barron from School of Art, Design & Architecture working closely with the ICT Infotech UK team: Sunil Ramachandran, Ramesh Chelliah, Vivek Mani, and Niyi Adewale formulated this knowledge generator symposium and hosted a unique forum for local businesses, to share best practice and promote future innovation opportunities and support developing industry academic partnerships.

What did the session cover?

• Overview and introduction to PLM at University of Huddersfield
• Starting a PLM journey
• Opportunities for next generation PLM
• Importance of establishing “business readiness”
• Case studies in the sector
• Mechanisms and funding opportunities for collaboration
• Plenary review

PDFs of the main presentations available here: UoH / ITC Infotech PLM Event 2016


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