“The True Cost is a documentary film about the effects of the global clothing industry on people and the planet.”

truecostmovie‘The True Cost’ – Official Trailer

I have just watched The True Cost on the sofa on Netflix. Netflix offers rich documentary sofa surfing media contentment. This film is definitely not a cosy sofa surfing experience: The True cost is an amazing awakening to global corruption and human poverty; a vivid, powerful, harrowing, and life changing, journey into the worldwide phenomenon of mass consumption and global unethical production generated by high street Fashion. The True Cost effectively documents this stark reality through a collage of fast paced interviews, hard-hitting statistics, live film of catwalk shows and dazzling reportage of International fashion high street stores. We are taken on a roller coaster ride documentary showing us the devastating impacts that, Fast Fashion is marketing high demand and as a by product or addon cost this increased demand is destroying our humanity, our global local communities and our environments and eco-systems on planet Earth. Second only to oil, fashion is the most polluting industry in the world.

Consumerism is out of control and we are responsible for purchasing 500%, more clothing than just two decades ago. This is exacerbated by multi-national fashion retailers and investors using outsourcing and offshore manufacturing for pure profit, instead of as an opportunity to promote human rights and encourage and support industrial communities by investing in quality and paying fair wages for men, women and children who work to produce fashion products for export to US and Europe.

Clothing manufacturers everywhere are continually being forced to comply to accept negative conditions focused on forcing the workforce to produce more and more for less, and risk their colleagues well being and often life to generate increased profit margins for multi national gain.

Everyday the environmental and human costs increase exponentially, revealing that the true cost of such fashionable ‘bargains’ is higher for humanity than we can actually ever afford. Watch it, and you will be compelled to ask yourself why, and how can we stop this happening? And then ask yourself if the t-shirt, jeans, jacket, and trainers you just purchased really look and feel that amazing on you now !


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