SDM-2016: 3rd International Conference on Sustainable Design and Manufacturing

KES_SDM16SDM-2016 – 4, 5 & 6 April 2016 Chania, Crete, Greece

Andrew Taylor attended the 3rd International Conference on Sustainable Design and Manufacturing to meet and develop inter cultural partnerships with international academic partners at the invitation of Professor Bilalis from the Technical University of Crete, and Evridiki Papahristou from the Faculty of Applied Technology at the TEI of central Macedonia.

During the conference a visit was organised by Professor Bilalis to the Technical University of Crete to see and experience the University campus site and to tour departments, visit laboratories and meet professors, lecturers and students working in the areas outlined below. Further details on facilities and projects are included in Professor Bilalis’s presentation, TUC_CADLabPresentation given at the opening of the SDM conference and in images and slideshow.

  • CAD/CAM, Virtual reality, Reverse Engineering and digitization.
  • Product Life Cycle, Design for Disassembly, Product Modeling.
  • CNC Manufacturing process modeling.
  • Innovation management, New Product development, Industrial Excellence.
  • 3D Technologies for Product Development for the Textile, Clothing and Footwear Sectors

University of Huddersfield funded this business development travel opportunity to meet with potential partners anddevelop intercultural exchange for new research in Europe. This scoping project has evolved in collaboration with Jo Conlon, Vera Barron, ITC Infotech, PTC and Mark Harrop at Which PLM, and ongoing we hope this visit will increase further opportunities for International knowledge transfer building on the successful implementation of PTC Flex PLM system in collaboration with new EU partners.


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Excerpt below cited from the preface in the Springer proceedings book:

Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies

Edited by Rossi Setchi • Robert J. Howlett Ying Liu • Peter Theobald

E-Book Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies Volume 52 2016

“This conference provided excellent opportunities for the presentation of interesting new research results and discussion about the theory and applications in the field of sustainable design and manufacturing, leading to knowledge exchange and the generation of new ideas. This field includes both the design and manufacturing of sustainable products and the sustainable design and manufacturing of all products. The application areas included all the activities during the product life cycle and other activities such as modelling and simulation, decision support, production planning and control, logistics and supply chain management. The conference programme was very exciting with over 60 papers to be presented across 12 parallel sessions. We were privileged to have had three keynote speakers: Prof. Gül E. Kremer, Professor of Engineering Design and Industrial Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University; Dr. Andy Clifton, Sustainability Manager for Engineering & Design, Rolls-Royce, UK; and Dr. Bin Song, Senior Scientist, Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech), Singapore.”

Rossi Setchi • Robert J. Howlett Ying Liu • Peter Theobald


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