Innovating the collaborative future of global fashion business


From: Designs on e-Learning conference (Crowd and cloud: towards a collaborative future, 5 – 7 September 2012)

The presentation at the conference documents the phases of the first two years of the intervention within the intermediate level module Global Fashion and Textile Sourcing. (  A transformational strategy was adopted to create a collaborative community of learning. This is based on a conceptual Product Lifecycle Management system (see figure : as a framework to test and support theory and practice in the fashion and textile industry.

It is envisioned that the future direction for the project will reach out into business communities and provide conduits to SME (small and medium enterprises) to create a community of learners, educators and industry communicating, learning and working together through open and flexible use of digital technologies and e-learning technologies.

Extract from the Designs on e-Learning website:

The Designs on e-Learning (DeL) conference (Crowd and cloud: towards a collaborative future, 5 – 7 September 2012) leads and fosters innovative practices in teaching and learning with technology in art, design and communication.

As digital technologies continue to evolve and transform the pedagogic landscape, we face exciting and innovative possibilities for the future of education. New forms of mobile learning and cloud computing are shaping the learning environment, enabling students to learn in multiple physical, social and conceptual spaces.

The 2012 designs on e-learning conference will explore the impact of these shifts on our teaching practice, and question how we can maximise their potential for improving student learning. This is an opportunity to join the crowd to collectively generate ideas, tackle problems, and share best practices in e-learning. The format of the conference will be innovative, with barcamps, streamed sessions, discussions, performances and creative work


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